“It is a rare occasion that I have to consult a Thesaurus to find enough superlatives to describe this flautists performance. I could say "incredible" and not be close. "Fantastic" an understatement. "Impressive" would have to be in headline type.”… Speaking of masters, Nestor Torres is a maestro, a professore, technically perfect, with a tone that is beyond belief; imagination and creativity pervade every solo.”
- Allan Kanovsky,

“[His CD This Side of Paradise] shows us one more time the great virtuosity and versatility of Nestor Torres, who is capable of transmitting different types of sensations and sentiments through his flute playing.”
- Jazz Contemporáneo

“SIN PALABRAS…is being lauded as an instrumental pop masterpiece and we agree!”
– Paula Edelstein,

“This album (Dances, Prayers & Meditations For Peace) has a holy solemnity and shimmering beauty to it that has the power to change the way we think about the world and what we as warring societies are doing to it and to ourselves.”
- Troy Record

“Nestor Torres expresses our longings for paradise and he's one of the few who can pacify our needs for tropical comforts!”
- Samurai Latino

“Nestor is unlike any other flautist you know. His wide range of talents transcends his music... Beyond the sound of his flute, he is the consummate communicator, always inspiring with his songs and compositions, his voice, and his words, written and spoken.”
- Bernarda Reyes, Latin Recording Academy

“Nestor combines the refreshing sounds of his flute with Latin beats, pop and spirituality. It is a creative and courageous approach that merits attention.”
Place Jazz Newsletter

“Torres is one of the icons within Latin Jazz and one of the most influential musicians within Latin music. His playing incorporates a smorgasbord of Latin jazz, pop, straight- ahead jazz and classical styles, and has been described as "an exotic mix of styles… [with] impeccable musicianship, and irresistible improvisations”

“Nestor Torres’ music is as much about the groove and the dancer as it is about romance and seduction through melody”

“Whether performing for the Dalai Lama or for students at Grammy CareerDay, Florida-based jazz flautist/composer/producer Nestor Torres is one of the most beloved musicians on the jazz scene today.”

“…The music… was terrific, of course. Celebrated Puerto Rican flautist Nestor Torres performed…playing to multiple standing ovations…. He worked the flute likes Miles worked the trumpet– his fast, nimble fingers gliding gracefully across his instrument as he traversed the length of the stage.”
- John Thomason, Boca Raton Magazine

“Top-notch in every way. Highly recommended….Perfect.”



Standing on the shoulders of flute giants from worlds as diverse as Rampal & Galway in Classical Music; Richard Egues’ Cuban Charanga style; rocker Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull; Herbie Mann and most influential of all Hubert Laws as pioneers of Jazz bringing the flute center stage, Latin Grammy Award winning artist Nestor Torres’ rhythmic and mellifluous flute sound remains apart in a class all by itself. His 14 recordings as a soloist; 4 Latin Grammy nominations, one Grammy nomination and one Latin Grammy Award; collaborations with a diverse range of artists such as Gloria Estefan, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mathews, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puente, Calle Trece, Paquito D’ Rivera and Arturo Sandoval; as well as performances with the Cleveland, Singapore, and New World Symphony Orchestras, are testament to the remarkable journey of an Artist who continues to enrich the lives of those who have the great fortune of experiencing his music and multiple talents.

Nestor Torres

Born in Puerto Rico, Nestor Torres has made music all his life; first playing drums at age 5, and then flute at twelve years old. Moving to New York City in his teenage years, he studied at Mannes School of Music, Berklee College of Music & the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, while at the same time learning to improvise in the ‘Charanga’ Cuban Dance Music style, which, combined with his Classical training and Jazz sensibility, shaped and developed Nestor’s melodic and danceable sound. Nestor’s command of his instrument allows him a freedom of expression that is at once captivating and liberating, powerful and genuine.



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Morning Ride

Nestor Torres
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This Side of Paradise

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Treasures of the Heart

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Sin Parablas

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Nouveau Latino
Grammy & Latin Grammy Nominated

Nestor Torres

Dances Prayers & Meditations for Peace

Nestor Torres


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From the TV Special "Nestor Torres 'Live' @ El Yaguez featuring young Puerto Rican students & musicians performing songs from Grammy nominated CD 'Nouveau Latino'

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